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Amazing luminance holistic oxygen 50g


An ultra skin-enrichment cream with rare red algae and refined lyophilized diamond, Amazing Luminance imparts an incandescence and alluring glow to your skin. Infused with the highest percentage of oxygenation enhancing Phylderm Vegetal C among our range of skin care products, skin’s oxygen uptake is maximized. Enriched with vitamins and plant-derived antioxidants, this cocktail stimulates skin’s reparative healing ability to fight and undo signs of time. Lines and wrinkles visibly diminish, youthful contours are restored and firmness and elasticity renewed. Astringents, emollients and potent antioxidants are carefully blended with balancing, toning, relaxing, refreshing, hydrating and brightening botanical extracts for a face that shimmers with radiance of youth. Jump-start a healthy glow and energize skin with new, visible life. 

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