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Eye Care Cream 15ml

Skin regeneration in the eye area demands "intelligent" care. The only way to relieve bagginess and coloration in this area is if the eye contour tissue is lifted, strengthened and simultaneously soothed and relieved.

Eye Care Cream fulfills all these requirements. With a long-term effect the Eye Care Cream stabilizes the vessel walls. They are strengthened thanks to an improved collagen framework, resulting in an improved supply of oxygen to the connective tissue. Dark circles around the eyes and puffiness are reduced whilst the hyaluronic acid's high moisture binding capacity demonstrates its lifting effect in the short amount of time.

Purpose and function

Smooths lines and creases
Reduces rings around the eyes and puffiness
Increases the resilience and elasticity of the eye area
Stimulates the skin's own regeneration process
Rich, but nevertheless easy to distribute
Ideally suited for long-lasting eye make-up


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