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Pearl Radiance Set

This two-piece set features Olecea’s signature Pearl Activating Elixir and Blue Circle Jade Roller to help soothe and massage your face and décolletage, luxuriously upgrading your skincare routine. Pearl Elixir contains plant stem cells for active firming and anti-aging support. Jade rolling applies gentle pressure from rolling the tool from the center of the face in upward and outward motions—boosting circulation, detoxifying the skin, reducing puffiness, calming inflammation and penetrating skincare products deeper into the skin.

The Blue Circle Jade Roller is made from 100% natural Blue Circle Jadeite crystal, giving each tool a unique and beautiful color pattern and variance. Blue Circle Jade is known as the gemstone of peace, inspiration and serenity—making it the perfect stone for the Olecea Jade Firm facial massage technique.

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